Einstein Covey was borne of the entrepreneurial success, deep knowledge of effective teams, and our desire to advance the development of business leaders like you.


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A business development story...

Several years into my career, I realized the need to generate more opportunities, formalize our processes, and get better at leading my organization. I had a clear vision of how I would like to conduct business, but I faced the usual hurdles that would consume my entire day, thus causing me to lose my focus on growth and development." I considered taking on a partner but ultimately decided that improving my skill set would be the better option.

My search for a company that could combine our marketing, IT, software, and training was not easy. I was able to find several marketing companies that I felt would do a good job, but I was concerned that my organization would not be able to process the leads effectively. When I came across the Einstein Covey website, I knew that I had finally found the missing link.

Incredibly unique and vibrant culture of engineer-to-client agile teams truly give Einstein Covey an unbeatable X-factor.

Meet the people behind the passion

After careful research, I decided to allow them to start on our website SEO. I knew that if we could generate more leads than I could effectively pay for their services without any out of pocket expenses. After several months, they created enough additional business to make our partnership an instant success.

With our newfound success, we started working on building our infrastructure. We added CRM software to track our customers, a phone system that provides us analytics, and a procedure that we can all utilize.

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