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Eureka! Let's get down to business. Our Team Will put together your SEO strategic plan and contact you in the near future.
Do you require a long term contract?
No! When you are great at what you do, your clients see the value in keeping you around.
Do I need to use all the services you provide?
No, that is the beauty of the platform we have created. Our services support each other, but we also offer them a la carte.
How do you handle legal or accounting issues?
As we engage and dig deeper into your business, we may highlight areas that may need your attorney or accountant to address, but we are not attorneys, nor are we very good at accounting.
What certifications do you have?
In addition to many others, we are Microsoft, Google, and Bing certified.
How long does it take to see results?
Our marketing efforts will yield immediate results in website placement. The distance your site needs to travel to the first page will directly correlate with how long it will take to see a positive return on investment (ROI).