14 HVAC Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers and Improve Your Business

If you want to stand out from the local competitors, and if you decided to overcome the old-fashioned Yellow Page Ads, you are ready for marketing changes. It is time to adapt to the new HVAC marketing landscape and go online.

The Internet offers you a tremendous opportunity to grow and expand your business. Watching industry trends and monitoring the top websites can make you learn how to grow your small or medium-sized company using HVAC SEO and other optimization techniques.

Look at the list of 14 HVAC marketing ideas to keep your team busy throughout the year.

1.      Build a Well-Designed Website for HVAC Contractors

When talking about website design and content, it is essential to keep in mind that people rarely read every word on a website. They usually only scan the website and pick out keywords and sentences. So, it would help if you focused on the visual hierarchy. Here are some HVAC website ideas to follow:

  • Keep your website simple, minimalistic, and free of clutter. This will ensure your content is easy to read and straightforward, with the visible company logo and the phone number in the top-right corner. Provide all the necessary facts and deliver true value.
  • Provide a mobile-friendly and fast-loading website because no one wants to wait too long for the slow website to load. The mobile version of the site should be less cluttered than the desktop version; it means you need to minimize some elements.
  • Personalize your website with some pictures of your staff or company’s trucks. The best way to do this is to include the “About us” section, with the company history, location, and maybe some awards you won over the years. Another way to add trust-building content is to include third-party testimonials, preferably in a video form.
  • Include a call to action on every page to tell visitors what you would like them to do next. It is excellent to be the source of information; you would still like to motivate your potential customers to contact your HVAC company.
  • Update your website regularly. Without the current information, your site loses its credibility. Delete everything irrelevant because buried information is not easy to find.

Investing in a quality HVAC website, which should be professional-looking and attractive, will help you turn your visitors into customers. Some research shows that 75% of people will judge your business based on your website’s appearance.

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2.      Hire an SEO Company

Finding the best partner in HVAC internet marketing can be a challenging task. The most popular services are available to increase visibility, from web design and development, through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising and reporting. SEO for HVAC contractors can increase the client base, improve the online profile, boost website ranking and provide many other benefits. What is important, the SEO company will offer you a location-specific SEO because HVAC companies focus primarily on the customers they can reach.

Many excellent HVAC marketing companies are available; you need to find the one best suits your marketing plan. You will be able to skyrocket your sales.

3.      Add Your Business on Google My Business

Well, the search is digital. Google My Business account will ensure you show up on page one when people search your company on Google Search and Google Maps. Adding your business is simple; you just need to follow the instructions on this link.

When you show on the listing, you would be able to present your shop’s location, whether you have a web or actual physical address. Make sure to provide legitimate information, including contact (phone number or website), working hours, details about expanded services, promotions, or even grand opening.

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4.      Register Your Business on Yelp

Yelp is a platform for searching the local businesses. Besides information, it offers you customer reviews and popular activities nearby. It is a perfect part of HVAC marketing strategies. When you register on Yelp, it provides you various options to make you stand out from the competition. Don’t forget to add your address, phone, working hours, images and service area before you verify the business. Use this link to get listed on Yelp for Business.

5.      Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for an HVAC marketing plan. It provides access to millions of consumers and increases your virtual visibility. Your friends and family can easily share your business account with others. One convenient option is geotagging when you want to reach out to your local audience. HVAC business owners can promote their business on several platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Do not forget to explore some alternative platforms, such as Snapchat or TikTok.

Versatility is an essential feature of social media’s usage in business communication. Images, videos, animations, slideshows, and other multimedia elements will tell your story. Post images with available discounts, short-form videos where you can present your HVAC business in, preferably, less than a minute. A behind-the-scenes look at your team is another excellent video idea.

You can include some tips and tricks, guides for minor repairs, product reviews, answers to FAQs, and much other content to your social media account(s). You can also occasionally provide public service announcements, like possible heatwaves or cold snaps; it is a great platform to discuss the services you offer.

There are many benefits of social media accounts. You will strengthen your brand’s social media presence and have more direct control over your brand’s reputation. All this serves to encourage users to become clients.

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6.      Consistent Marketing

Marketing is about being seen. Consistent marketing is about being seen constantly. Customers expect to be remembered, so encounter of every kind is a way to make sure your customer comes back for more. The marketing does not stop when a customer contacts you for repair work.

Statistic says that 80% of sales occur on the 5th contact or later. When your potential customers see the commercial for the first time, they may just take note of it, but otherwise, do not think much of it. When they see the commercial for the second time, they recognize you as a brand; the third time, they may state you as a trustworthy company. When they need a new air conditioner, search it, and find YOU, they will recognize you as an established business, and here is the call.

The more often you come in contact with your potential clients, the more likely they will contact you – that’s the power of repetition.

7.      Google Reviews

Positive online reviews from customers already done business with you mean a lot. They are free, but you need to ask for them.

There would be both positive and negative reviews, so monitoring and managing them is crucial to your HVAC marketing plan.

People will review your business on your Google My Business listing or maybe on your Facebook page. Make sure to thank customers for the positive comments and respond to the negative ones.

You may learn a lot from the feedback, but it is also helpful in building the HVAC business’s reputation.

8.      Google Follow Up Adds (Retargeting/Remarketing)

Remarketing is using ads or follow-up emails after the person checks out your HVAC site but does not make contact. The potential customer may need to rethink or do not have time to complete the task. It would help if you recaptured their curiosity by reminding them of your business.

For the Google Follow Up Ads, you need to have a Google Adds account. It collects the data from your website visitors and sends them ads.

It is important to set remarketing goals, for example, offering a discount to everyone who asked a question.

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9.      PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay for each click on the online ad. First, you need to select the right keywords for your ad. Once you choose the keywords, then you bid for the ad’s placement. You set the maximum bid; it is the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for the click. The maximum bid and quality score will determine the placement of your ad.

When you get your placement, then your campaign can start to attract your potential HVAC customers.

10.      Create a Referral Program

Consumers will trust recommendations from people they know. Trust is an important part of HVAC marketing strategy simply because you enter people’s homes. A satisfied customer will probably give a positive review, but sometimes a little incentive can be helpful.

A referral program (also called word-of-mouth marketing) is a program that encouraged satisfied customers to recommend a brand to their peers. It is perfect for HVAC companies because you can offer a discount or special offer to the current customer that refers others to your business.

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11.      Seasonal Campaigns

HVAC services are most likely to be needed seasonally, so it is practical to tie your offer to the upcoming season. It is ideal to start your campaign 6 to 8 weeks before the busy seasons; timing is everything.

In spring and summer, homeowners think about cooling. In fall and winter, they think about heating. Offer some coupons or discounts, or build offers around key events during seasons, for example, Thanksgiving, 4th July festivities, or summer vacation.

12.      Use a Chat Box Feature

If you are an HVAC company contractor that can provide an office staff able to respond immediately, install a chatbox on your website, or use a Facebook Messenger on your Facebook account. A potential customer can reach you without the commitment of hiring you. This is an excellent way to make a visitor engaged; it is the next step to hiring your HVAC company.

13.      Partner with Other Companies

Find a trustworthy company in your neighborhood and build a partnership. How? Well, customers who hire your HVAC company will probably need some other services like plumbing, electrical, and others that you do not offer. Those partner companies will, in return, offer your services. That way you will maximize your marketing efforts and income.

14.      Be Unique on the Market

Create a unique marketing plan. Many HVAC companies look alike, so prepare to “invent” something that will help you stand out. The best way to be remembered is to WOW your customers with amazing service.