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Car Dealer SEO Services


Our team combines many automotive SEO methods to boost your dealership search visibility and help you manage vehicle inventor easier. All starts with rock-solid automotive digital marketing plan, keyword-research and on-page search engine optimization.

Pay-Per-Click Services

Our proven AdWords advertising allows more transparent campaigns that enable constant monitoring and control. Our job is to test and analyze PPC campaign data in order to eliminate weak performing ads and beef up the most profitable ads and keywords. By using our PPC services, you can instantly attract new customers into your lot.

Local SEO

Our local SEO squad will manage your content on all of the most popular local business and vehicle databases, such as Google My Business, Yelp, Craigslist, Bing Places, Yellowbook, Yahoo! Local, and many more. We deliver full monthly reports on how your listings stand in local searches.

Web Design

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, our web design & development team is fully qualified in producing fast, secure and mobile responsive websites on the most prominent platforms for vehicle inventory management such as Word Press.

Social Media Marketing

Want to have awareness about your car dealership brand through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels? Our social media gurus will manage your social media campaigns and keep them in-tune with your other SEO practices to build trust, passion, and influence with your business.

Automotive SEO Company You Can Lean Your Shoulder On

With the experts at the results-driven car dealer SEO agency, you can figure out precisely how to increase your visibility and improve your customer base. We have worked with automotive businesses specializing in fields like car repair services. Our robust SEO for car dealers will improve your rankings in organic search results, and you’ll feel those positive effects long after the campaign is over.

Our comprehensive campaigns cover everything from title tag and meta description optimization to the creation of tailor-made content. Our writing team is well-versed in various industries, and we’re confident in our ability to craft quality content that will drive your campaign. Contact us now at (714) 624-3747 for more information on how to get started.

Car Dealer SEO Guide: Learn How to Become a Real Force on Google

Making your car business stand out from your competitors can be tough. With more searches happening online, you have to be sure that your business can easily be found. Whether you’re a local car vendor or sell auto parts online nationwide, getting your company in front of the target audience will make all the difference. That’s where car dealer SEO comes in; a well-crafted SEO campaign can go a long way towards accomplishing those goals.

Keep scrolling to learn how to optimize your dealership’s website for auto SEO, plus learn how automotive dealer marketing can secure not only more sales but also build a trusted and reputable brand.

What is Automotive SEO?

It’s a digital marketing strategy that uses on-page and off-page optimizations to enhance your website’s ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages). These optimizations can improve your site’s traffic, online conversions, and sales.

Auto Dealer SEO Benefits

There are many car dealer search engine optimization marketing benefits. Below we will cover the main benefits car dealers receive when allocating an additional budget for these services. For optimal results, vendors should talk to SEO experts to learn more about options, expectations, and costs.

1. Leads to better user experience

Potential car buyers who visit car dealership websites optimized through SEO campaigns experience a much better UX. Site visitors are more likely to contact or visit the dealer when having a positive experience online. Search engine optimization campaigns improve upon websites, and optimized automobile dealer’s sites deliver better experiences to visitors.

2. Much higher sales conversion rates

SEO campaigns for auto vendors bring in much more qualified traffic to the website. Higher quality website traffic means a higher quality of sales leads. The conversion rates for the sales team tends to improve radically. Better quality sales leads are a benefit for the car dealer and sales staff, too.

3. Encourages visits to the dealership locations

Most folks go online to find out what is near them. This is also true for the auto industry. Consumers find car businesses through search results and  Google maps mostly. Having an active SEO campaign drives the visitor to your business locations. Search engine optimization services ensure each site is locatable in Google maps and search results.

seo for car dealers

4. Primary source of sales leads

Sales leads make the sales staff satisfied. The sales conversion rates are much better as well with inbound leads. SEO campaigns for this niche over time tend to become the main source of sales leads. Just about everybody employs Google to find vendors.

5. Help dealerships to gain market share

The automotive industry can be very competitive. Local markets differ from town to town, state to state. Search engine optimization services help car dealerships seize market share across all their locations, even nationwide. Organic results in search are trusted much more than paid advertising. Auto dealers with comprehensive SEO campaigns will gain trust and market share. Make Einstein Covey your digital marketing agency of choice!

Finest Car Dealership SEO Practices

Best (Car Dealership Digital Marketing agency) SEO practices have evolved dramatically over the years, and they continue to update rapidly. Changes in technology, search engine algorithms and the automotive industry are contributing components that drive SEO evolution. Such changes require you to regularly polish your dealership’s SEO campaign by considering current methodologies. These are among the leading car dealer SEO practices that will skyrocket your online visibility and profit.

1. Comprehensive SEO campaign

Elevate your car dealership marketing to the top of the search engine results pages, differentiate from your rivals, and generate more leads with a powerful SEO campaign. Our multidisciplinary teams—among the largest in automotive — draw from continuous training on the latest search engine practices and partner with you each month on a content strategy that meets your objectives and improves your overall business visibility. Our SEO partnership is proven. After one year of running our premium SEO service, dealers will experience, on average:

  • 553% increase in organic traffic;
  • 1468% increase in traffic value;
  • 1249% increase in organic keywords;
  • 126% increase in lead numbers.

Based on our case study for auto service running our SEO campaign for six consecutive months (March 2020 – September 2020).

2. Create quality content

Both humans and search engines prefer fresh, quality content. And people will be more likely to want to find out more about your dealership after coming across useful content you published online. You can kick off by creating a blog and posting interesting information about your niche and car buying tips. Blogging is an excellent way to interact with potential customers and answer questions they might have about your inventory or commerce.

With our online car dealership digital marketing, you can boost your website with content about the vehicles on your lot and the services you provide, as well. It’s mutually beneficial since you optimize your car dealership SEO strategy and provide website visitors with helpful information.


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3. Google My Business

Your Google My Business page is a miniature website that appears in the Map section of Google results for local businesses. It features a brief overview of your dealership, improves your online presence, and can even give you a quick Google rankings boost, as it’s easier to rank a Google My Business page than a website.

Your Google My Business page must be completely and precisely filled out:

  • Verification – The #1 step is to claim your page and undergo Google’s verification process. You’ll know this is done when you see a checkmark and the word Verified beside your dealership name;
  • NAP – Your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) must be consistent on your Google My Business page and via the Internet. To clarify that your business is local, use a local phone number rather than an 800 number;
  • Categories – Google requires all category listings to highlight services instead of results. For instance, you might choose a Car Dealer, Truck Dealer, and Used Car Dealer. Try to list 3 to 5 categories;
  • Description – The description is a brief overview of your dealership, ending with a call to action that is 100-200 words in length. Try out a format similar to: {Name of Dealership} sales quality {used cars and trucks, or similar} in {Your Area}. {Give some information about your dealership and/or why customers like you.} Call {Phone Number} now for an extra $300 off any vehicle on the lot;
  • Hours – Your hours of operation should be up to date and regularly listed across all websites;
  • Images -Pictures significantly improve customer engagement, so try adding a few photos of your dealership, staff, and vehicles. Be sure your images have a sharp focus, with proper size and adequate resolution.
car dealer google my business

4. Use targeted keywords

Finding the most relevant keywords is essential in succeeding in automotive SEO and should guide your advertising and content plans. Tools like Keyword Planner can give you a good starting point by suggesting keywords based on their estimated search volume. In addition to selecting the right keywords, you also want to make sure the ones you choose are targeted to your local area. For example, if you offer a car repair in Los Angeles, target keywords like “car repair in Los Angeles.”

5. Local SEO

When search engines pinpoint that a searcher is seeking a local business as part of their search, they rely on a long set of criteria to identify the map pack’s best results. Proximity, distance, relevance, and reviews all come in to play. If you want to dominate in local searches, your strategy needs some core elements to prove that you’re the authority in your community by sending the right signals to search engines.

  • NAP consistency – Ensuring that your name, address, phone number and URL are consistent across the Internet is an important step, since consistency is a signal of trust for search engines. While aggregator tools are handy, there are many websites that these tools can’t update for you, so manual work is always needed;
  • Consumer engagement – Respond to the Questions & Answers section in your GMB card thoughtfully, and keep up with and respond to negative and positive reviews alike;
  • Site geotargeting – Think about the towns that you want to get business from, and use those geographic names (towns, areas, etc.) naturally throughout your website. Be careful, though: stick to regions that are near your location, as going after far-away places doesn’t affect;
  • Locally focused content – Produce content about the community in which you live. Understand that a “Best Restaurant in Santa Diego” blog or a “What to Buy at the San Diego Fair” article isn’t a waste of time! You may wonder how it’ll help you sell vehicles, but the point is that you’ll send signals to the robots and humans that you’re an authority in your area.

6. Facebook Market Marketing

Facebook isn’t only for chatting with old college friends or checking the latest headlines. On the contrary, this social media is a popular shopping destination among car consumers. Recent research reveals that 25% of car buyers discuss their intention of purchasing on Facebook before deciding. Almost 40% say they’ll consult FB pages before buying. Not only does this type of car dealers marketing connects car buyers, but they also offer dealers the opportunity to improve brand loyalty.

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7. Social Media

If you want to move your social media marketing to the next level, refrain from making all your posts “salesy” in their essence. Rather than utilizing all your content to highlight sales and events at your dealership, aim to educate and entertain potential clients. For instance, you could inform shoppers about the latest automotive technologies, share testimonials and reviews from happy customers, and post fun facts about the automotive world. Also, you can engage customers in conversation and respond to their questions. And of course, the visual medium of Instagram is ideal for posting images of your inventory.

8. Mobile-friendly website

Car shoppers are indeed doing more research online these days. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re sitting down at their laptops or desktops. A recent study shows that 47% of auto shoppers are researching purchases on mobile devices. And 58% of buyers claim that they’ll likely only use their smartphone for auto research moving forward. With that in mind, auto vendors who don’t take time to develop their mobile websites will probably miss out on a high number of sales.

9. Reviews

When someone has a positive experience at your dealership, you need to inspire others to leave a review online. These online reviews can stimulate people to trust you with their next car or truck purchase. You can link to your reviews on your site and social media platforms, giving you the most bang for your buck. You may even add a tab on your website specifically dedicated to reviews.

10. Responsive website design

If you’re an auto vendor, you would probably know how dealerships are experiencing low footfall. It’s because today’s car shoppers prefer to go through a dealership’s website first. You need a useful website design to drive traffic and engage with your prospective customers. Therefore, you can’t develop a site on your own. You’ll need professional expertise through a web development firm. With expert knowledge, you can gauge what your potential audience demands.