Our process starts by optimizing your website (SEO), creating pay-per-click campagins (PPC), and developing a lead generation work flow.

We know how to get attention. With your culture back on track, it's time to make sure people know you exist.

Typical marketing firms may provide you with leads, but Einstien Covey offers in-house marketing services that go the distance. We work with you to develop lead tracking, data on lead quality, and analysis of sales team performance.

Great idea, right? Only if you do something about it. Not only do we provide you with the numbers; we guide you through the formative decision-making that will advance your business.

Business Consulting

Einstein Covey was borne to improve business processes and create effective business structures, we fill your tool box with strategies for success.

But really, a business consultant is going to do all that? Nope. We agree. Traditional business consulting is inherently limited in scope; consultants can provide you with niche expertise, but their fee structures inhibit the kind of ongoing support that sustains great organizations.p>

At Einstein Covey, we employ an executive coaching model, emphasizing core systems that foster success across all areas of your business. We are not about short-term plans. We build structures into your business that endure.

We begin by addressing your most valuable resource: your team. Your greatest asset and largest expense is personnel, and effective teams are key to unlocking the potential of your company. Einstein Covey will help you map your company DNA- the building blocks at the core of your business. We begin by examining the culture of your workplace, building on your existing assets and addressing any inhibitors that might exist. We then develop your team capacity by empowering leadership in every member.

Information Technology and Cyber Security

We offer managed IT services, software development, and cyber security.

The right kind of attention. Not the other kind. Our Information Technology services will expand the reach of your services, support business intelligence, automate processes, and secure your data.

Whoa. Yeah, it’s a lot. We know. These services support each other, but we also offer them a la carte.

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