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Corporate Videos that Inspire Audiences and Build Brands

Video experiences readily inspire, motivate, and influence people to take action. They are a powerful channel for delivering corporate messages. Whether you are advertising a product, training your employees, educating your audiences, or introducing the new CEO, videos can help you achieve your goal. At Einstein Covey, we create corporate videos that engage audiences, inspire actions, and drive results for your brands and businesses.

We also optimize your video so that it gets viewership. Often, most video production companies only handle the video creation part, and businesses end up with video content that doesn’t get viewership. The reason is that besides creating your corporate video, you also want to ensure you optimize it for search engines and audiences. But most corporate video production services don’t understand SEO, so they don’t optimize your video.

Just as you would want your website to receive traffic, you also want your video to get viewership. Here is where Einstein Covey is different from other video production companies. In addition to video production, we go an extra mile to offer an SEO package that ensures we properly optimize the video for SEO.

Corporate Video Production

Why Businesses are Going Video-first

Going video-first means putting video content at the forefront of your communication or content strategy so that you fully engage your audiences. Video is considered the best way you can send and receive key messages. An estimated 85 percent of consumers want to experience more video content from brands. Additionally, viewers retain 95 percent of messages after they watch them in videos compared to only 10 percent when they read them.  If you are not delivering video content to your audiences, it is a great idea you consider corporate video production services.

Videos tend to engage people’s senses than other forms of content. Although we cannot feel, taste, and smell everything we view on screen, the next best thing is to see and hear it – and that’s where video content comes in. In addition to being entertaining, videos also make it easier to consume information.

If you try searching for products online, you would rather opt for a short video than a 300-word article or blog that you read.

Increase Brand Awareness 

Videos can help increase brand awareness. We are living in a tech-savvy society where people form their first impression regarding brands by searching the internet. The personality and brand identity of your business is, by and large, based on the content you use to communicate with the audiences. And consumers form their perception based on the content. Video content is unique and tells your brand’s story better than text. Video also shows your brand’s story. Having fun, lively video content can help express and showcase the personality of your brand. The content is likely to be watched, liked, and shared by many audiences. Statistics indicate that brands and marketers who utilize video marketing are able to grow their revenue 49 percent faster compared to non-video users.

Businesses are today implementing video in new and exciting ways. From internal communications to sales and marketing to training and human resources, organizations are using videos to achieve different goals.

Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos

At Einstein Covey, we produce marketing videos for your business. Businesses that use videos to advertise their products and services are able to increasingly influence audiences to make purchase decisions. You can use marketing videos to showcase your product. It helps capture the attention of your customers more than reading text content. You can show different features of the product, allowing the audiences to better understand your product, how it works, its features, and how it can benefit them.

Besides, marketing videos can help you reach out to more audiences since video content is likely to be shared more than text content. Marketing videos also help boost conversion rates. Videos offer you a unique way to present your products and services. It allows your products and services to stand out in the crowd of businesses and marketers vying for the attention of prospects. At Einstein Covey, we help you create a video that is tailored to your marketing needs.

For instance, incorporating a video on your landing page is able to increase conversions. Watching a presenter in a video is able to influence the buying behavior of your customers and persuade your audiences to convert into leads and then into buyers. Conveying the right emotions via video offers you a powerful selling tool. Additionally, videos can serve as testimonials and built-in tutorials depending on what kind of message you want to pass across.

Video is also a great addition to email marketing campaigns. Using video in your email campaigns helps increase open rates while at the same time reducing unsubscribe rate. Video in an email can increase the click-through rate by about 200 to 300 percent – a staggering statistic.

And did you know that search engines love video? Engines are seeking content that is able to engage viewers, and nothing does it more than video. Videos entice longer page views. On top of that, YouTube is considered the second largest search engine after Google. Putting your video on YouTube, your website, social media channels, and other places increases your visibility. It increases your chances of showing up in search.

Create your marketing video today. Talk to us at Einstein Covey to find out how we can help you create your video. We do corporate video production and have helped brands and businesses increase their visibility and pass across their brand message to audiences.

When promoting your products and services, you can consider video content too. Promo video allows you to influence the decision-making process and buying behavior of your audiences. Promo videos, when done properly, can give you an upper hand in promoting your products and services.

Influencer Video

Influencer Video

People tend to trust friends and strangers when making buying decisions. If you let a trustworthy influencer pass on your content to other audiences, it is likely that your products and services will sell themselves. You can have an influencer video that talks about your products and services to help promote your business. If you have not created an influencer video, you can consider it today. At Einstein Covey, we work closely with you and produce influencer videos that resonate with the marketing needs of your brand.

Training Videos

When conducting training for your employees, one of the best ways you can present the content or tutorials is to use videos.  Besides, you can use training videos for your online training courses. If you want to present tutorials about a particular topic, DIY, or concept, videos make a great option. People are able to easily consume the training information when you present it via video than when they have to read a block of text.

You can also use training videos to teach people how to use a product you are selling. This way, they are able to get a clear picture of how they can safely use the product. For example, you can create a training video that shows a step-by-step process on how to use a skincare product. You can even use training videos or tutorials to teach homeowners to train their pets.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial Video

When people say the experience they have had with your brand, products, or services via video, it helps capture the attention of audiences. The people watching the videos are likely to convert or least to say, gain interest in your brand.

Audiences and customers are always searching for always-on videos. These are videos that present ‘help’ content, for example, how-to videos, product tutorials, and even customer service videos. With always-on video content, it pulls search traffic to your site and social medial channels including Facebook and YouTube.

Are you seeking corporate video production services? Einstein Covey is your preferred corporate videographer. We will produce the videos you need for your marketing and advertising campaigns, brand name awareness, product tutorials, training videos, explainer videos, and promo videos. We also optimize your video to ensure you receive your targeted traffic or viewership.

Contact us today to learn more about our corporate video production services and video optimization. We professionally and effectively produce company videos that are not only engaging but also inspiring and motivating. We are the trusted explainer video company for your brand.